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Sanatçı Adele
Albüm 25
Şarkı Hello
Tarih 18 Şubat 2018 Pazar
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I'm really sorry about the things that I said
I'm kinda jealous and a little but unlucky in love
I know you're hating when I mess with your head
It's just that now and then you get a little cocky you know
You walk like you know where to go
You talk like you know, know it all
You call me up like "Hello, you should know
Baby you are always on my mind
Baby you are always on my mind
Baby you got all my, all my time
Baby you are always on my mind
I'm used to missing out on all the good guys
See maybe patience isn't one of my virtues
It's always way too late when I realize
But, form now on baby I am never gonna hurt you

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